Are you Protected?

Protect your property, assets and people with the Socio Fire Early Warning System. The powerful, yet affordable system is capable of detecting the start of a fire before it escalates into an uncontrollable state. With instant SMS notifications and profiled signal alert to the District Fire Service Office which pinpoint the exact point of the fire alarm and location, you can be sure it is the best investment and insurance you can purchase.

Fire Industry

We are so confident with our service that if we can’t fix the problem, you don’t pay. All repairs come with a 30 day guarantee.

Automobile Industry

We ensures you have what it takes to use advanced ICT tools to provide exceptional automotive diagnostics and repairs.

Cyber Crime Detection

This program gives you the knowledge you need to detect and prevent cyber related crimes professionally.

Early Fire Warning System for Home & Offices

Ensuring you are protected – Even when you’re not around

Assembly, Production and Product enhancements / Training

Besides the production of our own system solutions, socio computers offers product enhancements for ICT


The Socio Early Fire Prevention system is a state of the art invention based on a local technology and using GSM/SMS alert techniques

Socio Early Gas Leakage Warning System

Socio Early Gas Leakage Warning System (SEGLWS) is a major advancement on standard gas leakage detectors.

Support code smoke detector

This product is for high rise buildings with several rooms. When one of the rooms is on fire, the support code smoke detector


This product is to inform people in high rise buildings and densely populated areas where the building is located to inform people to stay off


Where the location of the building is hampered by low signals, Socio Signal Booster is installed in the building