Assembly, Production and Product enhancements / Training

Besides the production of our own system solutions, socio computers offers product enhancements for ICT applications for example TFT displays with anti reflection foil to make the display suitable for bright environments with direct sunlight. We reconfigure TFT displays with an LED-backlight and obtain a better performance in lower temperature ranges and better EMV properties.

On customers demand we also provide made-to-order productions from assembly of components to complete OEM Production (project panning, construction, procurement, mounting and test) of subsystems and finished products including housings and thus offering a full service around ict products. Our international connections enable us to even save costs for our customers.


Building capacity ICT Training to meet today industrial and corporate needs.

  • Auto CAD
  • Website Designing and Developing
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4
  • Corel Draw
  • Socio Office Premium
  • Socio Office Standard
  • Socio Hardware and Networking Training